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Resisted Lunge / Split Squat

Resisted lunge or split squat using long loop body band resistance band

This is a killer move for both your glutes & quads!

You can perform this as a static move by staying still (split squat) or in motion while walking forward (lunge).

  • Your starting position is in the lunge position with your knee close to the ground.
  • Your folded long body band is placed under your front foot.
  • Grip the band so it's slightly taut and slowly rise to standing.
  • You may need to adjust your grip to find the right tension on the band.

The band will give you added resistance to push against, replicating the effect of holding dumbbells.

If you find this too easy you can increase the resistance with a heavier band, slow them right down or increase the reps.

Good luck!

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