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Why Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are a great form of strength training by making your muscles work against a force. Unlike traditional weights, you can perform a wide variety of exercises with the same bands. Targeting practically every muscle in your body.

The instability created by resistance bands causes muscle fibers to fire arguably more than with free weights.

They can be particularly good for people with limited mobility, as they are low impact and many of the exercises can be done while seated. Which includes at your desk!

To get the benefits of progressive resistance training, where you increase the resistance and intensity of the workout, we sell our short & long loop bands in sets of 3 (Light, Medium & Heavy). You may find that you can use the Heavy band on some muscles but only the Light band for others.

Once you have progressed beyond the Heaviest resistance, you can double up and combine bands or if you're already comfortable using free weights, the bands can be incorporated into your program to level up the intensity.

Budget friendly, portable and with a very small footprint, our resistance bands are an easy way to incorporate strength training into your day-to-day routine.

Free digital How To guide included with every purchase, to get you started.

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