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Banded Kick Back / Donkey Kick

Image of woman performing a banded kick back / donkey kick with a long body band

Alternatively known as the Quadruped Hip Extension, the Banded Kick Back / Donkey Kick is another exercise to target your glutes.

Grab your long body band and give these a go.

Here are some tips:

  • Position yourself on your hands and knees.
  • Your hands should be directly below your shoulders.
  • Eyes down, looking between your hands or just slightly up.
  • Aim for a neutral spine, without over extending the arch of your back or craning your neck up (see neutral spine section below)
  • Position the band over 1 foot and hold it taut enough that it stay put with your hands.
  • You'll want to hold the band between your hands on the ground so that it doesn't move during the exercise.
  • Slowly & with control, kick your foot back, taking your leg from bent to straight, before returning to the start position

An added tip from the butt guy himself Brett Contreras (The Glute Guy) is to point your toe out slightly at the top for added butt burn.

Aim for 3 sets of 8-12 reps, on their own or as part of a circuit.


What is a Neutral Spine?

Image of 3 skeletons. 2 standing with incorrect posture. 1 with neutral spine

You may hear this term a lot but have no idea what it means.

Having a neutral spine simply means having good posture whereby all 3 natural curves of your spine are in proper alignment, without any excessive stress.

It’s important to achieve a neutral spine as this places the least amount of stress on your back & neck which in turn can help avoid injury & pain.

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