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About Us

Image of short loop booty resistance bands worn around the legs. 1 is a leopard print design and the other is a donut design.

We're on a Mission

We're on a mission to make strength training accessible for everyone, not least to women.

The Slouch Potato was created by a sleep-deprived mother from Hampshire, England.

The idea was born out of a desire to find the most efficient method of fitness to improve my mental & physical health, and an hour of cardio every day, wasn't it.

Like a lot of people, when I did find myself doing some structured exercise, chances are I'd skip any kind of strength training.

I learnt of the benefits strength training can provide everyone as they age (and by "age" I mean anyone over 30!), and just how many of us didn't understand these benefits.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to train or look like a body builder to see the benefits of strength training.

Arguably one of the best forms of strength training, especially for beginners, is progressive resistance training using resistance bands. 


Why 'The Slouch Potato'?

"Efficiency is intelligent laziness". Unless it's your full-time job, most people don't have the time or inclination to spend several hours a day working out. The great thing about strength training is that you don't need to.

Cardio is great for burning calories whilst you're doing it, but strength training burns calories whilst you're at rest. And rest days are actively encouraged! So consider yourself "Efficient" not lazy.

 Reduce Reuse Recycle logo


We are continually trying to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Our bands don't contain any animal by-products (they're Vegan-friendly)
  • We have removed all single-use plastic and tried to reduce as much excess packaging as possible.
  • Our How To guides are digital and emailed, not printed.
  • Our parcels don't contain a receipt. Those usually go straight in the bin, right? However, if you want one, please ask.
  • We use paper mail bags/cardboard boxes for all our parcels. They are strong, durable and most importantly recyclable (or compostable!)
  • If you don't need it, we won't print it (receipt, How To guide etc...). But if you want it, please ask!
Our view is "if you can, you should". If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve, we'd love to hear from you:













*The Slouch Potato is a trading name of West Heath Trading Ltd