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Band Pull Apart

Band Pull Apart using Long Loop Body Band

Let's talk about posture.

One of the side effects of a deskbound job is bad posture brought on by slouching or hunching over your keyboard and screen.

This can then lead to rounded shoulders which can cause muscle fatigue, tension and ultimately back pain.

Strengthening the muscles in the back can help prevent/correct this.

This band pull apart exercise can be done at your desk or standing (by standing you're getting the benefit of using your core at the same time, so win-win).

  • Hold a folded long loop body band in front of you around chest height.
  • Slowly and with control pull the band apart until your arms are to the side.
  • Aim to perform the exercise with a full range of motion and not just a small movement. Of course it'll be harder, but you'll see more benefits.
  • You may need to adjust the position of your hands a few times to find the right tension for you to do this.

As with most exercises, aim for 3 sets of 8-12 reps, alone or as part of a circuit.

Too easy? You can add progression by slowing down the movements, increasing the range of motion, performing more reps or increasing the tension of the band.

If you're new to exercise or just getting back into it, always start small with a Light resistance and build over time.

Our bands come in varying resistance strengths from Light, Medium & Heavy.

You can choose individual bands in Animal Print or the full set in the Food Print.

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