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Overhead Band Pull Apart

Strengthening the muscles in the upper back can help prevent rounded shoulders, a side effect of having a desk-bound lifestyle.

The Overhead Band Pull Apart targets the muscles in your back & shoulders, keeping them flexible and strong.

This exercise can be done at your desk or standing (by standing you're getting the benefit of using your core at the same time, so win-win).

👉 Stand with your feet shoulder width apart
👉 Grasp your long body band with an overhand grip
👉 Extend your arms above your head with a little slack in the band
👉 Engage your core (see earlier post on how to do this effectively!)
👉 Slowly and with control, bring your arms down and to your side, stretching the band
👉 Again, slowly and with control return to your start position

Aim for 3 sets of 8-12 reps, alone or as part of a circuit.

Too easy? You can add progression by slowing down the movements, increasing the range of motion, performing more reps or increasing the tension of the band.

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