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Banded Clamshell

Banded clamshell using short loop booty resistance band

Here's an exercise you can do while lying in front of the TV!

Don't think that these are easy though, as you'll definitely feel these the next day.

The Banded Clamshell targets the Gluteus Medius, 1 of the 3 muscles that make up your "Glutes". You don't get buns of steel from just doing Squats (sadly).

Short Loop / Booty Band

  • Positioned your band just above your knees.
  • Lay your head in your arm or prop yourself up on your elbow.
  • Slowly lift your top knee, keeping your feet together, stretching the band.
  • Hold for a moment when you can't move any further and slowly bring them back to closed.
  • Complete 8-12 reps before swapping to the other leg.

Aim for 3 sets with a short rest between sets.

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